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EDIWISE provides a physical audit service to paper warehouses. Most Suppliers require a physical audit to be completed annually. We can take that worry away.

The audit will be performed by EDIWISE personnel with the help and supervision of individuals from the warehouse. Every roll on the floor will be physically scanned. The scan results will then be compared to the roll list in EdiStok™ASP. A report will be generated which will list the following:

This report will be provided to the warehouse for system reconciliation.

For more information please contact Eric Wee via e-mail or at (905) 820-3084 ext 235.

EDIWISE provides consulting services for cost effective end-to-end solutions to the paper supply chain. We have extensive experience in taking out costs and increasing value in the paper industry supply chain.

We are experts in:

EDIWISE's E-Business Services and Consulting

Our membership on working committees in the papiNet is important to us. It assures that our customers reap advance benefits from our input to and knowledge derived from committee decisions. EDIWISE played a key role in setting the new American National Standards Institute X. 12 EDI 856 Advance Shipment notice as an industry standard. This means that our users benefit from coordination of industry E-Business systems. Included as part of this effort is EDIWISE's contribution to the definition of management information needs that can be met by use of bar codes and supporting implementation for existing industry. As well as supporting the ANSI X 12 documents, we are capable of supporting the new paper industry "xml" document standards.  EDIWISE also provides Electronic Commerce document translation, electronic gateway and mapping services for printers, publishers and paper suppliers. Our services will convert existing EC documents, independent of application software, into industry compliant transaction sets.

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