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AbiNet™ and AbitRol® customers who also subscribe to our EDIWISE link services have been taking advantage of this service.  EdiConnect allows users to view and retransmit manifests from their mailbox.  
A new feature in EdiConnect is now available, the Purchase Order Service.  This service allows users to submit purchase orders to their suppliers directly from AbiNet™.  

Functionality for paper suppliers and publishers


For more information or to sign up please email our support team at

FREE 3 month trial period for new subscribers

Electronically submit your Purchase Orders to your suppliers from AbiNet™ with the click of a button.

You already enter your POs into the system -- why not eliminate the faxes, phone calls and communicate electronically?  Once you click approve in the system, the PO is sent electronically to EdiConnect.  From here an email is sent to the supplier and within minutes, your supplier has access to the PO. 

In 2011, there were over 1200 POs, from over 80 pressrooms sent through EdiConnect to 17 suppliers.

Here is what one Corporate user said:

“EDI POs help us match our records with our suppliers’ records, which is extremely important for our centralized purchasing program.  We appreciate the ability to make quick changes that our suppliers can receive as well as track changes that our sites make.  The efficiency of the system is critical to our daily needs and has helped us create a streamlined ordering process.”

With 17 suppliers using EdiConnect to receive POs from some of their customers, chances are, yours is already on board.  Here is what one supplier said,

“EdiConnect is a great tool, I have been using it for many years and we were one of the first mills to use it.  I get automatic notification when my customers are getting ready to change, place and/or cancel an order.
This type of notification allows me to check my schedules and inventory to see what is actually made or scheduled so I can communicate this to customers right away.  What a time saver.”

Cost is minimal.  FREE 3 month trial period for new subscribers.

Call EDIWISE today and we’ll get you setup immediately!

905-820-3084 x235


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