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EDIStokis a warehouse inventory system designed to manage the task of tracking rolls from the mill, to your warehouse, and on to the customer.  EDIStok tracks incoming, "in warehouse" and outgoing shipments on a "by shipment" and "by individual roll" basis. In use since 1985, in DOS format, it is now available in ASP format.

Your existing and potential customers will recognize its benefits. Many printers and publishers use a system called AbiNet™ (or similar systems), to manage their paper purchasing, inventory, production, waste management and reporting. The "entry point" into AbiNet™ is an electronic manifest.

EDIStok™ provides consolidated management by having warehouses and their corporate offices use the same software program, connected via web browser, to manage and account for inventory. This single shared database ensures common data is available to all warehouses through the inventory's logistical cycle.

Benefits - Logistical

EDIStok™ offers warehouses the ability to electronically manage supplier relationships. As an electronic document management system, it provides for American National Standards Institute (ANSI) X. 12 documents to be communicated between mill, warehouse and printer/publisher.  Timely data on inventory levels & shipment status is provided.

Benefits - Information Technology

Benefits - to Paper Suppliers

The benefits you derive from EDIStok™ will increase year to year. Electronic partnering with printers and publishers will not only increase existing business, but will attract interest from prospective customers. It "closes the loop" between your mill, the warehouse and paper inventory systems at the customer location.

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