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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: When I attempt to run a report, I get the message that “A report can not be executed at this time since one is already executing.  If this is incorrect, please contact EDIWISE support.”

ANSWER: This error message applies to all our ASP applications and means that the report you were trying to run was closed prematurely.  The system flag will reset itself after 15 minutes.  To bypass the 15 minute wait time, contact EDIWISE during office hours (8am – 6pm EST)

QUESTION: After upgrading Internet Explorer, whenever I generate a report, the same report is generated each time, despite choosing different parameters.

ANSWER: Open Internet Explorer.  Click on Tools/Internet Options.  Under the General tab, click on the settings button under “Browsing History”. This will bring up a new popup called “Temporary Internet Files and History Settings”.  Under “check for newer versions of stored pages”, select “Everytime I visit the webpage”.  Select ok to confirm selection.

QUESTION: Whenever I click on the ok button or try to select a dropdown, nothing appears to be happening or the dropdown I’m used to seeing quickly disappears.

QUESTION: Whenever I login to AbiNet my screen looks out of sorts.

QUESTION: I get the following message when trying login: “PQM is only supported when using Internet Explorer.” Followed by the following:
“Your browser is incompatibile”
“You are not using Internet Explorer.”
“Please contact your systems administrator.”

ANSWER: Computers running Windows 7 machines with IE 11 may experience issues confirming selections or not seeing any response when clicking on buttons within the application.  Follow these instructions provided by Microsoft:

Open the desktop, and then tap or click the Internet Explorer icon on the taskbar. Tap or click the Tools button , and then tap or click Compatibility View settings.  Under Add this website, enter the URL of the site you want to add ( to the list, and then tap or click Add.

If you are using Internet Explorer 9, you will see an icon in the URL bar that looks like two halves of a sheet that have been torn.  This is called “Compatibility View”, which allows it to be compatible for websites that were designed in previous versions of IE.

QUESTION: When trying to process my manifest, I get the message “Unable to process = (example JS597017656) a valid price was not found in the system for this Supplier, Product Group and Order Date combination.”

ANSWER: This message can refer to a couple of things: First, a valid price must be attached to the product you are attempting to receive. Second, everything that came in on the manifest header MUST match what was ordered. Jot down what came in on the manifest (Mill Code, Purchase Order number, Product Group, Diameter, Width and Deliver To) and match it to what is on the order worksheet. Chances are one of these fields do not match (remember, it must match exactly, even spaces).

QUESTION: When trying to place an order, the next fiscal year does not appear in the dropdown.  What do I need to do to add our next year into the fiscal calendar?

ANSWER: To add the new fiscal calendar, someone with administrator access will need to enter it in the General Corporate Tables (under the Fiscal Calendar dropdown). Please ensure that the dates chosen are accurate as this cannot be edited once you hit the “OK” button.

QUESTION: My account appears to be locked.  Who has the ability to unlock my account?

ANSWER: Your corporate administrator or anyone with administration access can unlock your account as well as reset your password.  EDIWISE can also do this for you.

QUESTION: I accidentally Inter-Company transferred (IC Transfer) a shipment to the wrong location. This location received it in error. How do I rectify this?

ANSWER: The site that mistakenly accepted the IC transfer will need to unreceive this shipment and place this manifest back to in-transit status. Once this is complete, you can undo the IC transfer by going into Administration/Adjustments/IC Transfers. Depending on how you IC transferred the rolls originally, select the same “Transfer Type” dropdown. Click Refresh Grid. Find the correct line entry and highlight it. Click on the “Undo” button.

QUESTION: I am an EDISTOK user, and when trying to receive a manifest, I get the following error message:  “Sold To Code does not exist in warehouse subset. Please check the Sold To list and ensure that … “

ANSWER: To add sold to codes to your warehouse subset, Click on Admin/Sold To Admin. Type in the sold to code under the “sold to code” search field. Click refresh grid. Once found, click on the “add to subset list” button. You will need to re-validate your manifest before continuing.

QUESTION: I am a supplier and our customer has requested that EDI documents be sent to them. What document do you require?

ANSWER: If your client is using AbiNet they will require their documents to be sent in EMBARC format. If they are using AbitRol, they will require ANSI x12 856 format.


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