EDIWISE is the leading provider of paper inventory management products and services for the publishing and printing industries. We have world-class expertise in electronic commerce for the paper, publishing and printing industries. We were a member of the GCA (Graphics Communication Association) for over 15 years and now participate with its spinoff PapiNet in creating XML standards used today. Our customer base of over 250 pressrooms/printers and 60+ paper mills and paper warehouses ensures that we have significant influence promoting the electronic documentation standards used in these industries.

"EdiConnect is a great tool, I have been using it for many years and we were one of the first mills to us it.  I get automatic notification when my customers are getting ready to change, place and/or cancel an order.

This type of notification allows me to check my schedules and inventory to see what is actually made or scheduled so I can communicate this to customers right away.  What a time saver.

EDI transmissions are smooth and usually non-eventful…

EdiConnect will soon become a leading tool of our trade."

Nancy J. Hall, Finished Products Services Manger, White Birch Paper, Bear Island Mill.

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