AbiNet™ASP s a service hosted by EDIWISE and accessed through a web browser. This single shared database ensures that common data is available to all of your sites throughout the inventory's life cycle. MORE >> 


EDIWISE Link is a Value Added Network (VAN), which is a 24/7 electronic mailbox operation. Customers are able to access the EDIWISE Link FTP server with their own Username and Password enabling them to upload or download their EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)/XML. MORE >> 


EDIStokis a warehouse inventory system designed to manage the task of tracking rolls from the mill, to your warehouse, and on to the customer. MORE >> 


AbiNet™ and AbitRol® customers who also subscribe to our EDIWISE link services have been taking advantage of this service.  EdiConnect allows users to view and retransmit manifests from their mailbox.  MORE >>  


PQM© (Paper Quality Management) is an essential service for mill technical managers and their counterparts at customer sites.  It consolidates roll performance (paper break/consumption) data from multiple print locations and the supplier mills. MORE >> 

& Training

EDIWISE provides consulting services for cost effective end-to-end solutions to the paper supply chain. We have extensive experience in taking out costs and increasing value in the paper industry supply chain. MORE >> 


The trend for continuing paper price cyclical changes has made it crucial to implement an AbitRol® system which delivers optimal benefits from closely tracking valuable paper inventory. MORE >> 


Scanners allow reading EDIWISE barcodes saving you from typing numbers in and minimizing human error. MORE >>

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